The Fruit Orchard

Rimba Alor has both mature as well as newly planted fruit trees, including ‘durian’, coconuts, ‘cempedak’, mangoes, mangosteens, avocados, guava, sour soup, bananas and ‘rambutan’. The shady trees are perfect for a picnic. ‘Mengkuang’ mats are provided on request.

The Fishing Pond

The fishing pond is home to several varieties of fresh water fish like ‘Tilapia’, ‘Haruan’ and ‘Keli’. There are fishing rods for Guests who may want to try their luck at fishing.

The Outdoor Barbeque Area

The outdoor barbeque area sits in the shade of a 90-year-old durian tree. It has a barbeque pit, sink, electrical sockets and feature wooden benches and table tops with ‘Peranakan’ inspired tiles.

The Gazebo

Relax in a wooden gazebo overlooking the pond or enjoy a traditional massage or reflexology.

The Well (“Perigi” ) Outdoor Shower

Experience a shower (non-heated) in an open air “bathroom” in the outdoors. Water from the shower is directly pumped from a natural, underground spring.

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